While growing up with my dad, I came to realize the dedication and effort he put into his first love, playing guitar and entertaining his audience.  He always had a guitar in his hands; if he could have taken it into the bathroom, he would have.  I confirmed this later when I had the honor of playing drums on the stage show with dad and Mary and observing how much he enjoyed being there and performing every night.  

Don't get me wrong he also loved the excitement and challenge of making it all happen.  Many of the tools he needed to achieve his goals were not available at the time, so he had to build them including his recording lathe at the age of twelve years old.   He spent the next 65 years of his life chasing his guitar sound.  His desire to stand out led him to look for what he called his "one of a kind new sound"  for his recordings and live performances.   That's where the determination and the inventor came out in him in so many ways.  Dad would tell me "You have to wanna want, real bad to get there."

When I was older, I discovered dad's early jazz trio recordings.  I had no idea of this fantastic artistic side of his career.  Dad never played those recordings in the house.  I never could figure out why,  but if I had to guess I think he was always looking forward to the next adventure.

Dad had a fantastic life with many great adventures.   I'm including videos of him telling his stories as only he could and including some of my own stories.  I hope this website helps explain the why and how of some of dad's journeys.

   Music Industry Executive Phil Quartararo:

"The players, the great musicians, the people we revere in our industry...they know every time they pick up an electric guitar why we have the electric guitar, they know every time they sit down in a studio at a mixing board or use a multi-track recorder, why it exists.  I can assure you that the people in this industry don't go through a day in their life in this business without being touched by something Les Paul did, said, played or invented."    

Thank you Mr. Quartararo,  I couldn't agree more.

Gene Paul

Les and Gene in the Mahwah home studio control room in the early 1960s.

This site is divided into four main parts:

• The Entertainer with five sections

• The New Sound

• The Inventor with two sections

• Dad's Tech Talk and a few other places to visit.

Enjoy the website and feel free to return to pick up where you left off.

Dad never talked about his awards, but I can. I'm very proud.

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Picture by Chris Lentz

.Growing up as Les’ son, I watched or read the many videos or articles about Dad, and realized that each one captured only a small part of the man and his story.  Over the years I became convinced that there needed to be one place in which the history of his extraordinary life could be told.  “Les Paul Remembered” is that place.  Remembering the stories and experiences I had with Dad, both at home in his studio and performing with him on the road, has lead me to put together this new website.    It is a labor of love and respect, and a work in progress.

Welcome to Les Paul Remembered. This website is to honor my father:

Lester Polsfuss

aka Red Hot Red

aka Rhubarb Red

aka Les Paul,

I knew him just as dad.

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